Personal Beverage Journal

How To Build Traffic with Personal Beverage Journals

Whether you are a winery, vineyard, liquor store, bar/restaurant, wholesaler, yacht or golf club, gift shop, etc. the criteria is similar.  The following is in two parts: Teaching the various aspects of how to use the Journal and How to $ell them to your clientele.


Wine: Experienced sommeliers would be the best persons to read the Journal first so as to familiarize themselves with its detailed rating system.  These select employees would then mention the booklets and how one can record their own tastes about any of the 4 beverage types.  Once his or her tasting “presentation” is put into words using the vernacular of the Journal, we suggest a practice session before a small audience and then you are good-to-go!


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Beer:  We all know unique beer names add to the intrigue and fun of the experience of drinking craft beers.  These names sometimes allude to the ingredients.  Your menu would be your bible in these and most cases in the description of each beer.  This would then be translated into the Journal using the rating system as outlined.

Whiskey or Whisky: Again, after reading the Journal, you’ll accustom yourself to the terms used.  We recommend “boning up” on whiskey distilling around the world as it is a topic interested clientele will find fascinating that couldn’t be mentioned in our small booklet.

Cocktails: The fun part of this topic can be summed up with the names of some of the choices, as listed in the cocktail section page in the Journal.  Everyone has his/her favorite cocktail, so ask and explore new concoctions to get people involved. You may want to point out cocktail ingredients in various drinks to broaden customers’ interest.

How to $ell the Journal and Build Traffic:

Finally a product to help build traffic by engaging with customers and prospects, all the while offering our new profitable Journal to piqué their interest in your business. Here is how:

On-site tasting classes are some of the best tools for Journal sales and customer involvement. Now you can discuss the Journals in your classes.  A perfect FIT and GIFT! Early weekend mornings are popular times and remember the more connected the customers are with you, the more they will spend. And tastings connect like nothing else.

At the tastings, you may organize your topics from any one of the above topics for each week/month.  Make tastings meaningful and FUN; and tie in the Journal and its advantages of keeping personal rating info that can be carried anywhere. Offer a modest Journal discount at the tastings if you wish and always encourage customer involvement/questions. Be sure to promote your events via your web site, door signage, mailers, e-mails, at checkout or table flyers.  In your messaging, tease the customers; like, “Did you know…?” or fun facts about each of the above listed topics as found in the Journal.

(Since the Journal really has unending life, advertise your business by ordering our custom-printed Journals AND bookmarks that include YOUR business picture/info on the front cover and on both sides of the bookmarks. These options are VERY inexpensive and will promote your specific company – forever!).

Jim Soucie
The pocket size journals are 4″x 5.5″ with 4 main categories…
Wine, Whiskey, Beer & Cocktails
Personal Beverage Journal
4.25" x 5.5"


This FUN little 100 page Journal has a lot to offer you and your customers:
  1. Fits in your pocket, very inexpensive, and retails for only $7.98
  2. Professionally designed, printed and has a great looking cover
  3. Includes “rating” pages for Wine, Beer, Whiskey and Cocktails
  4. Has fun facts and quotes before each section and notes at the end
  5. Makes a fantastic gift (or maybe a prize) to add to your gift baskets
  6. Works well with wine clubs and the like
  7. Take it with you to private parties and bars to show others and write in new favorite beverages.


If you are a business owner… Now you can customize the Journal by adding (a very inexpensive) Journal Marker with your name and business info (on both sides of the marker):
  • These (matching) markers (with YOUR info) snuggly fit in the book, making it easy to find the place where you left off.
  • The markers can also be used for bag stuffers, placed on or next to dinner or lunch plates, placed on seats before the start of classes or events, or given away free with purchases.

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