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Nebraska Waterproof Bleacher Blankets

     Nebraska Bleacher Blankets    

1 @ $19.98, 2 @ $19.49 each, 3 @ $18.98 each, 4+ @ $17.98

The Below Videos Showcase What The Waterproof Bleacher Blankets Are Perfect For...

After Beach, Water Park Or Pool Time

Whether your or your kids are coming home from the waterpark, beach or a pool, the blanket keeps your car seats dry.

Beach Fun

A great way to keep dry from wet sand.

At A Park?

Nothing beats avoiding muddy spots.

An Easy Snow Cloth For Summer & Winter

Cover your out of seasons items in the garage to protect from the elements.

Hauling Spring Touch Up Elements

When you're bringing home dirt or wood chips or anything else, this helps protect your vehicle from any of that debris from getting into places it shouldn't be.


Dry Ground Anywhere

Whether picnicking, watching fireworks, fishing or just relaxing lake side, nothing beats a dry seat.
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A Toast To Nebraska Book

Over 200 Color Pages Of Wineries, Tasting Rooms, Vineyards and Wine Bars
B&B's, Museums, Gifts, Antiques, Attractions & Book Stores
Nebraska Winery & Grape Growers Assn.
Nebraskans' Quotes, Trivia & Facts
Grow Nebraska Organization


Our 11 x 8 1/2 "coffee Table" book is a pictorial type with pictures and information about all the wineries and wine bars in Nebraska. It also includes six types of shops (as listed above) that can be found near each winery, making the book a travel book as well. A map is also included along with other listings and fun information about Nebraska. More info on the book can be found here

Grow Nebraska


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Limited quantity & a certain % of proceeds goes towards Nebraska Medicine Infectious Disease Fund.
Simply choose one of the options below to order your waterproof Nebraska Blanket.  For 2 days or less and for out of state sales, email us here.

1 Waterproof Nebraska Blanket

$19.98 (Plus 8.70 For Shipping)

Single Blanket

  • - A Single 71" x 55" Waterproof Nebraska Blanket
  • - Soft Fleece On The Front Side
  • - Waterproof On The Back Side
  • 1 Blanket
2 Waterproof Nebraska Blankets

$38.98 (Plus 9.70 For Shipping)

2 Blankets

  • - Two 71" x 55" Waterproof Nebraska Blankets
  • - Soft Fleece On The Front Side
  • - Waterproof On The Back Side
  • 1 Blanket
3 Waterproof Nebraska Blankets

$56.94 (Plus 10.55 For Shipping)

3 Blankets

  • - Three 71" x 55" Waterproof Nebraska Blankets
  • - Soft Fleece On The Front Side
  • - Waterproof On The Back Side
  • 3 Blankets
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People That Love The Book & Blanket

What a great way to tour Nebraska, the highways and biways, and see what we have too offer that's sometimes off of the beaten path!
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Michelle W. Kearney, Nebraska
I couldn't wait to turn to the next page to see so many beautiful places in our state. It will be fun to experience each location.
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Jim H. Omaha, NE

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