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Personal Beverage Journal


Keep your tasting notes at the top of your mind with a PERSONAL BEVERAGE JOURNAL. Perfect for Wine, Whiskey, Beer or Cocktail connoisseurs or anyone wanting to rate their favorite beverages for future consideration. Guaranteed to never crash or require a system update, this journal ensures that even when the beverage is long gone, it will never be forgotten.

The pocket-size journals are 6″x 4″ with 4 main categories…

Wine, Whiskey, Beer & Cocktails



This FUN little 100-page Journal has a lot to offer you:

  1. Fits in your pocket
  2. Includes “rating” pages for Wine, Beer, Whiskey, and Cocktails
  3. Has fun facts and quotes before each section and notes at the end
  4. Makes a fantastic gift (or maybe a prize)
  5. Take it with you to private parties and bars to show others and write in your new favorite beverages.

Beer:  We all know unique beer names add to the intrigue and fun of the experience of drinking craft beers.  These names sometimes allude to the ingredients.  Your menu would be your bible in these and most cases in the description of each beer.  This would then be translated into the Journal using the rating system as outlined.

Whiskey or Whisky: Again, after reading the Journal, you’ll accustom yourself to the terms used.  We recommend “boning up” on whiskey distilling around the world.

Cocktails: The fun part of this topic can be summed up with the names of some of the choices, as listed on the cocktail section page in the Journal.  Everyone has his/her favorite cocktail, so ask and explore new concoctions to get people involved.